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Pamela Sue Voorhees is the loving mother of the infamous serial killer Jason Voorhees, and the Original Camp crystal lake serial killer who terrorized the camp grounds sabotaging it so it could never be open again to the public.

Pamela Voorhees is portrayed by Betsy Palmer in the Original.
Undead Pamela Voorhees is portrayed by Marilyn Poucher.
Pamela Voorhees is portrayed by Paula Shaw in Freddy Vs Jason.
Pamela Voorhees is portrayed by Nana Visitor in the 2009 Reboot.


Pamela, was born in an unknown state in America, where an horrible event helped shaped her life, in the year of 1946 by the time she was only 16-years old and turning 17 years old, she was raped by a unknown man simply called Mr.Voorhees by the Graveyard Martin, where later she would find someone who she thought would protect her and her unborn child, a man known as Elias Voorhees, the plan turned south as Elias was abusive toward both her and her unborn child, in an attempt to rid her of this man, she murdered him, and left the states to New Jersey where she would find herself serving as a Diner Cook, as her unborn child was due in mouths.

It was David Christy with his wife Louise Christy who confronted a young Pamela with an offer of a new job opportunity for her and her child, as a Camp Cook at Camp Crystal Lake, which she accepted and moved away from the town, and into her own place, offered from and by the Christy family, and as time passed she gave birth to her son Jason, which he was never put into public school, and so was always on the camp grounds with his mother being a part-time overseer of his activities and his protector, where she thought the camp counselors would be watching over her son but she was wrong.

But in the summer of 1957, an accident would help turn Pamela's entire life upside down, and help establish the Curse of Camp crystal Lake, as Camp Counselors weren't doing their Job, and Pamela was only 27 years old when her 11-year old son was said to have died, her son was suppose to be under the supervision of camp counselors Barry Jackson and Claudette Hayes, who failed to keep her son safe, as they were having sex, and when it was too late, Jason's body couldn't be recovered, and left Pamela in agony, pain, sadness, and anger in her heart and soul, as the counselors weren't held accountable for their misdeeds, Pamela felt that Vengeance is all she needed and so she planned on her scheme without anyone else knowing of her malice intent.

In 1958, only a year-later after her Son's unfortunate accident, Pamela had went to the Christies for another chance at being the camp cook despite the trauma she had endured, but they saw a grieving mother, and wanted to repay her for her deeds as the camp cook, and so as the summer approach things were calm, until one faithful day, as returning counselors Barry and Claudette made their way into a unoccupied cabin to have sex, they weren't alone as a familiar face wondered upstairs to them, and within moments, Barry was stabbed in the stomach, and as with his lover with a throat slit, both were found hours later brutally murdered, and as the Cops investigated the camp grounds, they found nothing to point anyone as a suspect and took it as a madman in the woods, and so they shut the camp down for months.

And for years after numerous attempts to reopen the camp grounds, it was Mrs.Voorhees who was purposely sabotaging the camp grounds from poising the water sources, creating fires, and even creating numerous unexplained murders, which had kept the camp grounds closed for years which gave the camp numerous nicknames and titles from Camp Blood, and The Curse of Crystal Lake, she helped started the legend which will be told for years to come, as the events transpired, the many attempts had caused the Christy's to go both bankrupt and insane.

It wasn't until the son of David and Louise, Steve Christy had begun cleaning, repairing, and then reopening the camp grounds in 1979, Pamela is now 49 years old, and she plays a role of a nice elderly woman, where she picked up Annie Phillips, in her Jeep and later chased and murdered her, she goes into the camp killing off the future counselors one by one, she killed Ned Rubenstein, Jack Burrell, Marcie Stanler, Steve Christy, Bill Brown, and Brenda Jones in various ways, and as Alice Hardy were founding their corpses, it was Mrs.Voorhees who appears in her Jeep to Alice who was is now being hysterical, and brings her to a large cabin, where she revealed who she was to Alice, and explained the story of her beloved Son, and goes berserk attacking and chasing Alice around the area, until Alice managed to get the upper-hand and grabs Pamela's Machete, and beheads her, ending the massacre.

Alternate/Non-Canon History


Pamela was originally a loving, caring, and protecting mother who would do whatever she had to keep her and her son well, she homeschooled Jason, and worked a job close enough to watchover her son, she displayed high levels of grief when recounting the events of her Son.

Its only after the "Supposed" drowning of her son, is when this loving mother turned into a heartless killer, who would kill anyone who tried to reopen the camp grounds, she was cunning, ruthless, and evil, as she killed innocent people who had no direct cause of her son's death.


Body Count

Number Victim's Name Cause of Death On or Off Screen Killer Note
#1 Barry Jackson Stomach stabbed with a Hunting Knife On-Screen Pamela Voorhees
#2 Claudette Hayes Throat slit with a Hunting Knife No-Screen Pamela Voorhees Behind the scenes shows a neck slit.
#3 Annie Phillips Throat slit with a Hunting Knife On-Screen Pamela Voorhees
#4 Ned Rubenstein Throat slashed with a Hunting Knife. No-Screen Pamela Voorhees
#5 Jack Burrell Arrow through the throat. On-Screen Pamela Voorhees
#6 Marcie Stanler An Axe to the face. On-Screen Pamela Voorhees
#7 Steve Christy Stab through the chest with a Hunting Knife Yes Pamela Voorhees
#8 Bill Brown Multiple Arrows, and a Neck stab. No Pamela Voorhees
#9 Brenda Jones Unknown No-Screen Pamela Voorhees

Note: Elias Voorhees is not listed due to multiple continuity conflictions.


  • Pamela Voorhees is the original and the first female serial killer in the Friday the 13th franchise.
  • Pamela and her Son Jason, almost have the same amount of kills in their debut films.
  • Throughout the franchise, Pamela's actions left behind a legacy as you can't tell a story about Jason without mentioning what his mother did, she helped make herself a urban legend amongst the locals and anyone who retells the events.


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